Shed Cleaning

Shed Cleaning — Dial a Carpet Cleaner in Mackay, QLD
Cleaning a Shed — Dial a Carpet Cleaner in Mackay, QLD
Dial a Carpet Cleaner offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services, specialising in Mackay shed cleans for commercial businesses. Our Mackay shed cleaning service incorporates clearing out any rubbish and debris located on the inside or outside of the shed, before high pressure cleaning all surfaces, for a pristine finish. We also provide pest control on request.

Depending on the scale of your Mackay shed cleaning project (how much dirt, grime and stains are present on the sheds surfaces), there may be several steps involved during the pressure cleaning process. For sheds that require more intensive surface cleaning, we initially apply a high pressure rinse, which removes any dust, cobwebs and loose dirt, before undertaking a second step, which is a chemical pressure wash. The chemical pressure wash specifically targets stains and more deeply ingrained dust and surface build-up such as oil, grease, chewing gum and mould.

Contact us today to discuss your shed cleaning needs. We also offer competitive rates for businesses that require multiple services, such as office and shed cleaning as a package. Let us set up a regular cleaning schedule for you to keep your shed clean and tidy all year round.