Emergency Water Damage

Emergency Water Damage — Dial a Carpet Cleaner in Mackay, QLD
Dial a Carpet Cleaner offers a 24/7 emergency water damage service to restore your home or business after accidents or flooding occurs. As a leading Mackay carpet steam cleaning and pest control business, we respond immediately to help avoid permanent harm being caused to the interior of your property.

We have the equipment, products and technical ability to clean-up after burst pipes and sewage spills, flash flooding and all other types of water related emergencies. Our Brisbane carpet steam cleaning branch (coming soon) will also provide these vital services for residential and commercial clients.

To reverse the effects of water damage to your home or business, we utilise specialised equipment such as a water claw, for water extraction, in conjunction with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out your property. We also incorporate hygiene treatments as part of our emergency water damage service, which ensures that any bacteria and toxins present after the water spill have been removed.

With Queensland's extreme climate, we have many years experience handling water damage due to flooding, so you have peace of mind that with Dial a Carpet Cleaner we have the expertise to tackle all of your water issues promptly and professionally.