Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning — Dial a Carpet Cleaner in Mackay, QLD
Our Mackay carpet and pest control business offers an expert upholstery and leather cleaning service to renew the finish of your furniture. When we clean your upholstery we follow a number of steps to maintain an impeccable finish every time. The first part of this process involves placing down drop sheets to stop any cleaning products soiling your floor or surfaces. We then colour test your upholstery to make sure that colour run doesn't occur, before pre- treating the stains. After applying the stain treatment we shampoo your upholstery, then clean your upholstery using a hot water extraction method. The final step in the process is coating your upholstery with a protectant, to prevent stains and re-soiling.

When cleaning your leather we also lay down drop sheets on surfaces before colour testing against colour run. The next step in the process is wiping over the leather to clean off any dust or build-up before gently cleaning the leather using a leather cleaner. Finally we condition your leather before applying a protectant.

We are opening a Brisbane carpet cleaning and pest control branch that will offer the same services as our Mackay branch.